2007 Digital Economy Fact Book Este es un excelente recurso que se lo recomiendo a todos, de hecho casi se los haría obligatorio para todos aquellos que no están muy empapados en la tecnología y quieren entender mejor el mundo del IT.

Este es el contenido: (tomado del Blog docuticker)

Growth of the Internet (page 1)

  • Demographics of internet users
  • Internet activities performed
  • World usage statistics by country
  • Top browsers and search engines

Hardware Sector (page 15)

  • Adoption and penetration rates of new technologies and tools
  • Semiconductor sales and forecasts
  • Sales/market share of PCs, cell phones, smartphones/PDAs, data storage devices, gaming hardware, televisions, MP3 players, and software

Communications (page 37)

  • Telephone subscribership
  • Broadband adoption
  • Wireless industry
  • VOIP, Email/IM, RFID
  • Third Generation Technology
  • Spectrum (I don’t know what these last two things are either)

Digital media (page 63)

  • Television
  • Internet video
  • Cell phone content
  • Music
  • Radio
  • Gaming
  • Online news and classifieds
  • Blogging, podcasting, and tagging
  • Social networking

Electronic commerce (page 83)

  • B2C and B2B e-commerce
  • Internet advertising
  • Online finance
  • Online travel
  • Online health care

Threats to the Digital Economy (page 97)

  • Malicious software
  • Spam
  • Phishing
  • Identity theft
  • Piracy

Worldwide Digital Economy (page 109)

  • Funding for new ideas
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • IT spending
  • IT employment
  • Outsourcing and offshoring
  • International digital economies